Countering Hateful Extremism Week (CHEW)

1st – 5th May 2023

Conversations around extremism can be challenging and confusing at times, but it’s really important that we all understand what it is and the impact it can have on our communities.
These CHEW events are brought to you by the Victim Support Hate Crime Community of Practice and the Wales Hate Support Centre in partnership with Salford University.
CHEW is a week of webinars and online resources to help organisations and communities across Wales to grow their understanding of extremism, radicalisation and hate crime – including how we can prevent these behaviours and the support available for individuals, witnesses and communities affected by hateful acts.
The week will bring together key speakers and specialists to share insight and knowledge of areas of interest concerning hateful extremism.
* The inclusion of a speaker or research paper is not an endorsement by the host organization/s.

Tuesday 2nd May

9:30-10:45 Countering radicalisation and changing mindsets

Delivered by SAFE by CST in partnership with Victim Support. ‘Protecting against the methodology and tactics used by the proponents of radicalisation’

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11:00-12:15 Incels, the new face of mysogyny?

Delivered by SAFE by CST in partnership with Victim Support  ‘A look at how the incel culture has moved into the mainstream’.

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13:00 – 15:00 Raising Awareness and Understanding of Extremism and Toxic Masculinity (Wales)

Delivered by the Mid & South West Wales Community Cohesion Team in partnership with Victim Support. A webinar for professionals working with young people in Wales.

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Wednesday 3rd May

15:30 – 17:00 An exploration of the incelosphere and how incels fit in to the current self-radicalising lone extremist actor landscape

Delivered by Salford University in partnership with the University of Exeter’s Dr Lewis Brace and Victim Support. Incels are the fastest type of extremism in recent year, fueled by the popularity of people like Andrew Tate.

This event has been postponed and will be re-scheduled as soon as possible.


Thursday 4th May

10:00 – 11:30 The Power of the Counter Narrative (Wales)

Exploring the power of Counter and Pro narratives, drawing on the context and examples within Wales.

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Friday 5th May

11:00 – 12:30 Conversations with Dr Stephen Neville

This is an internal webinar for Victim Support staff and selected guests.

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