Hate Crime Charter

The Right to be Heard

We will listen to you and acknowledge the impact the Hate Crime has had on you. We will do this whether you wish to report the incident to the Police or not.

The Right to Report Hate Crime

We will help you report the Hate Crime to the police, either directly or through Victim Support’s National Hate Crime Report and Support Centre, where you can remain anonymous. We will record the hate element as the motivating factor to the Police or Victim Support.

The Right to Free and Confidential Support

We will provide guidance on accessing free and confidential support from Victim Support that is tailored to you and your needs. We will signpost you to other specialised services if required ensuring you get the support to help you cope and recover from the impact of Hate Crime.

The Right to be Treated with Respect

We will treat you with respect and as an individual in your own right.

We will celebrate diversity and inclusion in our organisation and communities that we work with.

The Right to Privacy

We will ensure your data is kept securely and not shared with anyone without your consent. You always have the right to request any data we hold about you, or request its deletion from our records complying with General Data Protection Regulations.

The Right to Information

We will make sure information about hate crime and accessing support is available to you in a way that you can understand. We will work with communities and organisations to raise awareness of hate crime.

The Right to Make a Complaint

We will provide guidance on how to make a complaint if you are not happy that your rights have been adhered to.

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